Famous Musicians Deaths 2015

Musicians Deaths 2015Music is one of the things that make us feel happy and relaxed. In music, we try to express what we feel, whether it is good or bad. It also allows us to remember the things which made us laugh and cry. Music is just of the pieces of art that will allow us to go along with the beat and rhythm just like how we go along with the flaws in our lives.

On the other hand, music will not touch our hearts without the composers and musicians behind. Musicians are the individuals who put more emotion and art on the song they sung. Without them, music will remain written lyrics.

Musicians make the world of music a lot more entertaining and relaxing however due to some reasons, some of these musicians would leave music unexpectedly. Not because they no longer love music but because someone is already waiting for them on the other world. Due to old age, sickness and other reasons, there were lots of musicians who died in the year 2015, which made the world of music totally sad and in sorrow.

Below is the dead musicians list which will surely shock you. You might not know one of those dead musicians is your idol.

  • Lemmy Kilmister – Ian Fraser known as Lemmy Limister is a motorhead singer who died last December 28, 2015. He was 70 years old when he left the music world. He has been diagnosed with aggressive form of cancer 2 days before he died. This iconic singer had left behind a legacy which include more than 20 studio albums and was able to garner over 30 million sales all over the world.
  • Scott Weiland – Scott is known as the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman and in December 3 2015, he has been found lifeless while on the tour bus. Before the authority recovered Weiland, he died due to an overdose of alcohol and drugs and he was “hard as rock” when found on the bus. He jas been scheduled for a show together with his own band known as Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts.
  • Phil Taylor – Phil is known as a motorhead drummer and died at the age of 61. He died last November 11 2015. In year 70s to 90s, he has been playing heavy metal band wherein it last for about 14 years.
  • Tommy Overstreet – Tommy is a country singer and died at the age of 78. He had a total of 23 hits and also, he appeared on some popular TV shows in the year 1960s to 1970s.
  • Billy Joe Royal – Billy is also a county singer who passed away while sleeping. He was just 73 years old when left the music world. He managed more than top 40 hits from 1960s and in 2009; he also released his gospel album. In 1988, he has been inducted in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.
  • Sean Price – On August 7, 2015, the famous rapper and performer Sean Price passed away while sleeping. He died when he was just 43 years of age. Price is part of different hip-hop groups like Boot camp Click, Heltah Skeltah and Random Axehowever he was also able to have a successful solo career in the music biz. He released 3 studio albums as a solo artist. The reason of his death is still unknown.
  • Cilla Black – This 72-year-old singer died due to natural causes. She is a British singer who started her career in 1960s after being discovered by the Beatles at the Liverpool’s Cavern Club. He also hosted a game show known as Blind Date in UK.

These are just few of the Musicians Death 2015. On the other hand, despite of the fact that they have already left the music biz, still they are able to leave a good legacy, especially to those whom they worked with. Their successes in the music biz enable every one of us to be familiar with those latest songs with different genres. Through their influence, people were given the chance to know music and realize its importance to their lives. Music won’t be alive without the people behind it and so musicians are very important.

The musician deaths is inevitable however if one passes by, there will surely be someone who will replace however their influence in the music biz will be missed. The musician deaths today is something that can’t be stopped however we can still make ways for us to still feel their presence, let their music reign and constantly remember them with the songs they sung, played and composed.